Research, development, design and supply of components for composite systems for the sustainable repair, maintenance and extension of the service life of buildings, especially of steel reinforced concrete structures. The technologies developed and applied for the repair and maintenance of buildings are based on composite rendering systems that form a physico-chemical composite structure with the construction materials (composite renders, composite coatings).

Buildings and structures to be repaired and maintained are understood as composite systems composed of interlinked and interacting components. In agreement with this concept, interactions of materials and technologies with the materials of the structure to be repaired and maintained are carefully considered. The development of new materials and technologies is based on the understanding of the interactions at the interfaces of different materials on the micro- and nano- scale.

Based on the concept outlined above, sustainable, economic and sustainable technologies and solutions were and are developed for the repair, maintenance and extension of service life of steel reinforced concrete structures by cathodic (CP) and galvanic (GCP) corrosion protection, successfully applied since 1998.