Study of the Applicability of Carbon Based Conductive Coatings

Evaluation of the CAST3+ conductive coating

CAS participated in a AiF research project on „Study of the Applicability of Carbon Based Conductive Coatings for the Use as Impressed Current Anodes for the Cathodic Corrosion Protection of Steel Reinforced Concrete Members” that was finalized 31 December 2014. The AIF IGF Project 17076 N/1 was realized by IBAC (RWTH Aachen) and BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin). Three different conductive coatings were evaluated, one of them is the CAST3+ composite anode. Each coating was tested on 35 concrete test specimens. CAS applied the coatings in July 2012, the systems were put into operation end of November 2012 at RWTH Aachen.

Main results: The CAST3+ anode exhibits high conductivity (11 Ω/square corresponding to 0,4 Ω.cm). Electrochemical studies of the anodes in a lime saturated chloride containing electrolyte by BAM revealed that the graphite of the CAST3+ is not oxidized during anodic load respectively oxidation is negligible. The CAST3+ anode is highly homogeneous on a microscopic scale and not altered during current load, furthermore adhesion strength remains high and anode performance, determined by depolarisation measurements and anode voltage measurements, continues to be exellent.

Final report is available since August 2015.

It may be downloaded from

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Durability and longtime performance of Alumo-Silcate based coatings confirmed:  During the last AiF meeting on 9 april 2014, Protector AS confirmed the continuously good performance of Alumo-Silicate based conductive coatings - equivalent to the 1st generation of CAST+ composite coatings, installed 16 years ago in Norway. These conductive coatings were made available to protector by Wolfgang Schwarz, CEO of CAS.