Galvanic Corrosion Protection with the EZA Technology

EZA Installation at an Alpine Tunnel Entrance in Obdach (Styria, A), national road B78

The SEZAC (shrinkage controlled embedded zinc anode cement) galvanic protection system was chosen for evaluation of a maintenance free corrosion protection system that allows reliable corrosion protection without extensive concrete repair works. The SEZAC system was applied in July/August 2018 on an area of 20 m2 (figure 10). The SEZAC galvanic anode was covered with an epoxy coating from SIKA certified for tunnel applications- Sikagard-332 TU, topped with Sikagard-260 WPU as a UV protective coating.



Seaside appartment buildings in Dordrecht (NL) with the embedded zinc anode (EZA), 2015

installed by Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V., accompanied by CPS ( representing EZA technology exclusively in the BENELUX 


Seaside appartment buildings in Egmond an Zee (NL) with the embedded zinc anode (EZA), 2014


Parking Deck Saas Fee

The EZA System was applied July 2011 for demonstration purposes for the corrosion protection of the pre-stressed steel reinforcement of the central parking deck in Saas-Fee (CH)


Alplgraben Bridge

The EZA System was integrated within the general refurbishment of the Alplgraben bridge in Styria (A) as a technical solution to stop reliably corrosion of the steel reinforcement of the abutment.

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