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file icon CAS EZA ICCRRRR 01/29/2013
Galvanic corrosion protection of steel in concrete with a zinc mesh anode embedded into a solid electrolyte (EZA): Operational Data and Service Time Expectations
CAST3+ for Seaside Apartment Buildings in Zandvoort, NL
Prevention of incipient anodes induced by patch repair by a novel type of discrete galvanic zinc anodes
A novel type of discrete galvanic zinc anode is presented that is composed of a novel type of composite zinc mesh embedded into a proprietary matrix that solidifies into an electrolyte with ion exchange properties. The combination of the novel composite zinc anode and the solid matrix containing additives that prevent passivation of the zinc anode assures high and durable galvanic activity of the discrete galvanic zinc anode.
Publication (german) by Jan Gulikers (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management), NL
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