Galvanic Corrosion Protection (GCP) with the Embedded Zinc Anode (EZA) system of concrete members of the Alplgraben bridge in Styria (A), 11/2007

After successful completion of the EZA research project, the EZA system was integrated into the general bridge repair works executed June – August 2013 as a reliable technology for the corrosion protection of the steel reinforcement of the abutment.

Dual Anode System - CAS-T+/Ti-Ribbonmesh, Danube river banks highway A22, Vienna (A), 04/05 2010

Composite Anode - CAS-T+, City Highway A23, Vienna (A), 09/2005


Composite Anode - CAS-T+, Cruquis Bridge, Harlem (NL), 06/2004


Solar Powered CP with Composite Anode - CAS-T+ on Polder Bridges in Demmerick (NL), 10/2003


Composite Anode - CAS-T+/Ti-Ribbonmesh, Highway A7, Uttrichshausen (D), 08/2002


Composite Anode - CAS-T+, Ebonex Anodes, 3M Zinc-Hydrogel-Anode, Highway A7, Spittal a. d. Drau (A), June - September 2001