Parking Decks

Long lasting (>40 years) corrosion protection of parking decks with the CASTQ Carbon Quantum Anode Paint covered with a highly wear resistant poly-urea based traffic coating from MBCC/SIKA realized in Berlin (D)

The CASTQ Carbon Quantum Anode Paint was applied on 3400 m2 on the parking decks in a parking garage in Berlin  covered with a novel·polyurea·traffic coating from SIKA/MBCC, the·MasterSeal® Traffic 2239 traffic coating. The polyruea coating has an expected service time of > 40 years due to the special properties of the polyurea system: extremely high wear resistance, high elasticity and high strength due to the strong hydrogen bonding in the polymer. Therefore, in combination with the traffic 2239 polyurea coating, the service time of the Composite Quantum Anode is expected to exceed 40 years!



Application of the CAS Composite Quantum Anode to protect concrete elements (soffits, walls) in a parking deck in Rotterdam (NL)


CASTQ/QAP60 Composite Quantum Anode was applied on 3000 m2 soffits and ceilings for corrosion protection of the steel reinforcement of carbonated concrete overlays realized in Nürnberg (D) 2023.

The Composite Quantum Anode proved to be especially suitable to be applied on carbonated concrete due to its high electrolytic conductivity at the anode/concrete interface resulting in a reliable realkalisation and protection of the steel reinforcement.



The EZA System was applied July 2011 for demonstration purposes for the corrosion protection of the pre-stressed steel reinforcement of  the central parking deck in Saas-Fee (CH)

CAST3+ composite paint is being applied for the corrosion protection of the steel reinforcement of columns supporting the shed roof of the parking garage of FEG in Frankfurt a. Main (D)

Composite Anode CAS-T+, 3M Zinc-Hydrogel Anode, Parking Garage ORF-Center "Küniglberg", Vienna (A), 2002 - 2008

Composite Anode CAS-T+, Parking Garage Utrechts Medisch Centrum (UMC), Utrecht (NL) 2005