CMC - Hardware

CAS has developed and offers a range of modular data acquisition and control systems - the Concrete Monitoring and Control System (CMC) that allow custom designed solutions for on-line or sequential monitoring of concrete structures and for the monitoring and control of CP installations. The highly flexible modular structure allows the integration of a wide range of sensors and active and passive control units into the monitoring and control system. There are three lines of data acquisition and control systems offered:

The Modular Data Acquisition and Control System (MO-DAC) with an integrated SQL data-base for the on-line monitoring of steel reinforced concrete structures and for the remote control of CP installations. Data acquisition and control is executed by an high-end embedded micro-box PC. Up to 250 modules with 8 channels each may be linked by RS485 to the micro-box. A wide variety of sensors and data processing modules may be integrated, e.g.  steel potential, temperature, concrete impedance, corrosion current, etc. Up to 80 power-supplies for CP may be integrated into and controlled by the system.

The Low Energy Data Acquisition and Control System (LE-DAC) is especially suited for limited monitoring tasks (up to 32 channels) and for small to medium CP installations (up to 6 protection zones) and GCP installations (automated depolarization). With an energy demand of 20 mW it is especially suited for solar powered installations but may be also powered by power cells for up to two years.