The LE-DAC consists of a single unit, the master module, with 4 input channels (2 reference cells, 1 voltage, 1 current) and a depolarization relay controlled by a micro controller.
Depolarization measurements may be programmed to be executed in preset time intervals (e.g. every 2 month, max. interval is 255 days).
12 Volt Power is supplied either by eight 1,5 Volt batteries (to be changed every 2 years) or by a photo voltaic module.
The LE-DAC may be extended with CMC-AD Modules (8 input channels) and CMC AO Modules (6 AO channels, 2 DO channels) and with CMC modules for the measurement of macro cell currents (± 100 μA) and concrete impedance (0,1 - 200 kΩ, 1 kHz).