Application of CAST3+ conductive coating

First Application of CASTQ Composite Quantum Anode System

First application of the Composite Quantum Anode System, doped with Carbon Quantum Nano Dots and composed ot the CASTQ Composite Anode Quantum Paint applied on concrete impregnated with the QAP 60 - the Quantum Anode Primer - on the 3400 m2 pavements and soffits of a parking deck in Berlin 2021/2022. On top of the Composite Quantum Anode System, applied on the pavements, a novel MBCC MasterSeal Ultra-Fast Curing Spray-Applied Polyurea Membrane was applied. The system structure and application is shown in the video below.



22 Years of Composite Anode Systems

First application of the Composite Anode System with the CAS-T paint as integral part was realized 1998 in Svolvaer, Oslo. Next installations were realized ona Arc-Bridge (Spittal a. d. Drau, Carinthia (A)) – Hollow-Box Girder Bridge (A7, Uttrichshausen (DE)) – Polder Bridge (Demmerik, Gagelweg (NL)) - Parking Deck (Austrian Central TV Station, Vienna (A))· Since then, in the Netherlands, more than 77 installations have been realized since 2016 (see paper presented by Hans van den Hondel at ICCRRR 2018, see the link below), 5 installations in Germany and 9 installations in Austria. The most representative projects are presented below.


icon 21 years of Composite Anode Systems

icon H. van den Hondel ICCRRR 2018


Application on soffits of a parking garage in Rostock, Germany (April - July 2017)

The CAST3+ Composite Anode System was installed on about 700 m² on the soffits of an underground parking garage in Rostock, Herweghstrasse 20, Germany. Following that project, the CAST3+ Composite Anode System will be installed in the underground parking garage of the Deutsche Med on about 2000 m² on soffits, beams and on the parking deck. Both projects are realized by ZÜBLIN, the cathodic corrosion protection systems (CP) - CAST3+ Composite Anode System & MMO-titanium ribbon mesh anode - are installed by iCOR GmbH.



Parking Garage in Rheinfelden (Baden), Germany 


Composite Anode was selected by Ed. Züblin als reliable and rapid corrosion protection of the entrance area of a large parking deck in Rheinfelden, Baden (D). Installation was realized November 2014.



30 Highway bridges in the Netherlands

CAST3+ was chosen as the most appropriate anode system for the protection of prestressed beam heads of the beams supporting the bridge decks of 30 viaducts in the Netherlands. The system was first applied successfully applied to 6 viaducts and evaluated as a pilot project for the protection of the steel reinforcement and of the prestressed steel cables in the prestressed beam heads that have been exposed to de-icing salt solution for many years due to leaking expansion joints. A total of 1300 of beam heads will be protected with the CAST3+ Anode System. Works will be completed summer 2014. The project is being realized and the systems will be operated by Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V. (NL). The CP systems will be powered with solar energy. Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V. is contracted by the RWS (Rijkswaterstaat – NL) to repair and subsequently maintain 30 viaducts for 20 years.


The project was presented with two contributions at the International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting - ICCRRR, 5 - 7 October 2015 in Leipzig


icon Application of CAST3+ for cathodic protection on 30 concrete bridges with pre-stressing steel
icon Maintaining and monitoring durable cathodic protection systems applied on 30 concrete bridges


The owner, Rijkswaterstaat-Centre for Infrastructure of the Netherlands, presented the project at the colloquium at the TAE 27 - 28 Januar 2015 in Esslingen, Germany

icon Erfahrungen in die Niederlande mit kathodischen Korrosionsschutz an vorgespannte Betonträger



CAST3+ composite paint is being applied for the reliable corrosion protection of the steel reinforcement of beams supporting the bridge deck of 30 highway bridges in the Netherlands.


Solar powered Composite System for corrosion protection on a polderbridge in the Netherland


The Project was realized by Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V, november 2014

Zwembad Overbosch in Den Haag (NL)

In August 2012, the CAST3+ composite paint was successfully applied for the rehabilitation of the pool walls and pool bottom of two large pools in the Zwembad Overbosch in Den Haag (NL)



icon Swimming Pool NL 2012


AiF-Project - Columns supporting shed roof


CAST3+ composite paint is being applied for the corrosion protection of the steel reinforcement of columns supporting the shed roof of the parking garage of FEG in Frankfurt a. Main (D)


Highway Bridges A22


Dual Anode System applied to two Highway Bridges along the Danube

Concrete members (abutments, walls, columns) of two bridges crossing the Danube river bank highway A22 were repaired and restored during April/Mai 2010 by applying CP with a dual anode system – titanium-ribbon-mesh anode and the CAS Composite Anode.

The applied technologies allowed a highly sustainable restoration of the concrete structures at comparably low cost:

- all works were completed within 6 weeks
- nearly 0 waste
- minimum transport of materials from and to the construction site
- minimum·disruptions and impediment of traffic

icon Report PDF (1.65 MB)